The Paperbag Principles (about)

The initial spark for the work on this website comes from the work an research done by Dr. Anne Griswold Tyng.

After moving from her house in Philadelphia to a retirement facility in Greenbrae, Anne Tyng continued to work. But that did not stop her from looking for new discoveries in form and proportion. She took note of her research on white paper lunch bags and explored topics like: the Two Volume Cube, The Pumping Thing, the Pascal triangle in three dimensions and the super-Pythagorean theorem.
Or -as Anne named it herself- her "post Ph.D. dissertation findings".

Most of my information for this research comes from:
* The Architectural Archives at the University of Pennsylvania, especially the four boxes that came from Anne Tyng's latest residence in Greenbrae.

* A talk with Anne Tyng in January 2011, together with Wannes Deprez.

* The late Anne Tyng interviews, with Domus (May 2011) and at Harvard (October 2011).

* A video realized by Ramak Fazel, during a visit with Anne Tyng on April 6, 2011.

  Update: 25/05/2015

Image 1: Anne Tyng drawing on a paperbag, about the volume of platonic solids

  Update: 05/05/2013

Image 2: Anne Tyng drawing on paperbag, about the pumping thing

  Update: 05/05/2013