The Two Volume Cube (and Relative Volumes)

Image 3.3: Two Volume Cube and Relative Volules scheme.

  Update: 03/05/2014

Image 3.4: Two Volume Cube summary.

  Posted: 23/06/2014

Image 3.1: Two Volume Cube scheme.

  Posted: 01/07/2012

Image 3.2: Anne Tyngís relative volumes in augmented reality
(one volume tetrahedron, two volume cube and octahedron, five volume icosahedron and dodecahedron).


  Posted: 24/02/2014

Image 3.5: Relative volumes in close embrace.

  Posted: 23/06/2014

Anne Tyng about The Two Volume Cube:

Numbers become more interesting when you think of them in terms of forms and proportions. I am really excited about my discovery of a "two volume cube", which has a face with divine proportions, while the edges are the square root in divine proportion and its volume is 2.05. As 0.05 is a very small value you can't really worry about it, because you need tolerances in architecture anyway. The "two volume cube" is far more interesting than the "one by one by one" cube because it connects you to numbers; it connects you to probability and all kinds of things that the other cube doesn't do at all. It is an entirely different story if you can connect to the Fibonacci sequence and the divine proportion sequence with a new cube.
- Anne Tyng in an interview by Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss on April 6, 2011

  Posted: 19/05/2012

Thatís another thing: the Two-Volume-Cube-Connection-Probability, it connects the cube to em... to the divine proportions.
- Anne Tyng talking with WD and FJ on January 14, 2011

  Posted: 10/06/2012

I found out somebody did a circle that had a diameter of 1.2721 and an area of 1.2721. So that really intrigued me, what could that be? So I fiddled around and I found out that if you square 1.2721, you get 1.618. And 1.618 and 1.272 Q'ed is 2.05. And then, I don't think that counts, if it's 05. Five hundredths. If we talk about any kind of madder, you have tolerances, used to fit in the things. So you get a connection of 2, to a divine proportion sequence...
- Anne Tyng talking with WD and FJ on January 14, 2011

  Posted: 23/05/2012