Pumping system - Castor & Pollux

Image 1.03: pumping thing: castor & pollux

  Posted: 30/05/2014

Image 1.02: castor & pollux: improved version of Image 1.01

  Posted: 29/05/2014
Anne Tyng has documented this pumping thing quite extensively on her lunch bag drawings.
The diagonal of the initial solid is in divine proportion with the diagonal of the final solid. She refers to the two solids (the initial and final state of the animation) as Castor and Pollux, the divine twin brothers from Greek and Roman mythology.
  Posted: 29/05/2014

Image 1.01: pumping cube, as explained by Anne Tyng to WD and EM on July 21, 2009 in Greenbrae.

  Update: 30/05/2012