The pumping-thing engine

The pumping thing engine 1.2 is coming up, including a greater variety of symmetries and tracking of past publications, in order to avoid doubles.

  Update: 20/09/2015

Image 8.05: Small anthology, after two months of the pumping thing engine 1.1, posting on tumblr

  Update: 20/09/2015

The pumping thing engine 1.1 is up and running on tumblr. Pumping platonic solids automatically created and posted by a computer, a couple of times a day as an ongoing tribute to the architecture of Anne Tyng.

  Update: 5/07/2015

Image 8.04: pumping hexahedron and octahedron created by Wolfram Mathematica

  Update: 05/07/2015

When two regular polyhedra with the same center point are rotated relative to each other, an infinite number of different compounds can be generated. And all these compounds can pump.
Based on this principle, I'm developing a pumping-thing generator in Wolfram Mathematica.

  Update: 31/05/2015

Image 8.03: the instance where the vertices of the inner solid touch the faces of the outer solid, is defined for all compounds

  Posted: 31/05/2015

Image 8.02: four variations of a pumping cube and octahedron, generated in Wolfram Mathematica

  Posted: 25/05/2015

Image 8.01: prep work for the generator, rotating and pumping

  Posted: 25/05/2015