Image 9.11: Testing: Waverlystaat, Philadelphia.     Posted: 12/11/2015

Image 9.10: Testing: Cogels-Osylei L, Berchem.     Posted: 12/11/2015

Image 9.09: Testing: Cogels-Osylei R, Berchem.     Posted: 12/11/2015

Image 9.08: Testing: Keiberg - Excelsiorlaan, Zaventem.     Posted: 01/11/2015

Image 9.07: More testing: Wittenonnenstraat, Oostende.     Posted: 17/10/2015

Image 9.05: Online editing: cut and scale.     Posted: 11/10/2015

Image 9.04: Online editing: cut and scale.     Update: 11/10/2015

*reduce overlap in the initial position, see Image 9.01. Roughly 70% of each image needs to be cut off.
*be able to remove images.
*remove 'Cancel' and 'Cutt all photos' buttons (?).

Image 9.01: Work in progress: street side view pictures extracted from Google Maps.     Posted: 04/10/2015

        Inspirations / references:
        . Joiners by David Hockney
        . Brussels Left-Right bank by Jo Struyven
        . Film Portret Collage by John Stezaker
        . Long view collage of a messy part of the Netherlands by Adriaan Geuze