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                                                          The next pages explore some of the ideas Anne Tyng worked on later in life, while living in California.

                                                                                    .  The pumping thing     update: 20 IV 2014   LATEST
                                                                                    .  Inanimate toward animate architecture     update: 06 III 2014
                                                                                    .  The two volume cube     update: 01 VII 2012
                                                                                    .  Pascal triangle in 3 dimensions    
                                                                                    .  super-Pythagorean theorem    

                                        Extracts from texts and interviews .  Pieces to remember     update: 12 III 2014

                              Tumble Town  (click here for the original size)     update: 19 IV 2014
                            A day is also a space     update: 13 II 2014

                      Anne Tyng's take on sheet-formed wireframes     update: 26 I 2014
                    .  Anne talks     update: 31 V 2013
                    .  Video wall     update: 27 IV 2012
                          "I think you're hitting the nail on the head there: it was what you might call Raw Geometry"  (AT)
                                                                                                                                      .  Waverly St.
    update: 03 VI 2012
                                                                                                                                      .  Maryland     update: 21 II 2014

                    Text in Dutch:
                    .  Greenbrae, CA     update: 21 II 2014
                    .  im at     update: 10 III 2014

                    fiddle... anytime you don't have work to do, at least do that... fiddle around.
                      - Anne Tyng

                      You're way too dumb to figure out if your idea is good. It's up to the masses.
                      So make that very small thing and get it out there and keep on trying...

                        - Andrew Mason

                    Andreas Weininger, who used to play trumpet in the Bauhaus band, showed up at the Guggenheim to talk. He was 85 years old and it was a Saturday night. He came out and said:
                    "Hi, I'm from the nineteenth century". And we go: "Whoa". And he said: "You know, we had Saturdays in the nineteenth century too, and what we did was...".
                    And he proceeded to describe these insane long-ago evenings. It really seemed so alive and exciting. So wonderful. It was a kind of real continuity, and you really felt that, yes,
                    there have been artists, and there is a long line, and we can learn from each other, and we can go forward, and try to be as generous as possible to each other.

                      - Lauri Anderson about continuity

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