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                    Andreas Weininger, who used to play trumpet in the Bauhaus band, showed up at the Guggenheim to talk. He was 85 years old and it was a Saturday night.
                    He came out and said: "Hi, I'm from the nineteenth century".
                    And we go: "Whoah".
                    And he said: "You know, we had Saturdays in the nineteenth century too, and what we did was...". And he proceeded to describe these insane long-ago evenings.
                    It really seemed so alive and exciting. So wonderful. It was a kind of real continuity, and you really felt that, yes, there have been artists, and there is a long line,
                    and we can learn from each other, and we can go forward, and try to be as generous as possible to each other.

                        -   Lauri Anderson about continuity

                    I felt the years go by without accomplishment. Occasionally I wrote a short story that no one bought. I called myself a writer though I had no true subject matter.
                    Yet from time to time I sat at a table and wrote, although it took years for my work to impress me.
                        -   Bernard Malamud in long work, short life

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